My Offerings

For each of these services I will facilitate the implementation of a collective giving model for your organization or group! Also a customized plan can always be discussed (just click on “let’s chat” button below) 

Giving Circle Plan

  • A 15 minute consultation
    on giving circles
  • Access to The “Joy in the Journey” mini giving circle guidebook
  • Virtual toolkit for creating a sustainable giving circle

Hand in Hand

  • ”Chart Your Course”: Giving Circle Series
  • Expert led small group learning session
  • to cover the
  • “High 5” areas of creating a giving
    circle. Each session is 60 minutes of
    interactive group learning, 
  • Sessions covers the
    following topics
    •  Values
    • Mission Statement/Purpose
    •  Where the Money Resides
    •  The Power of the Collective
    • Amplification

You Got Joy

  • Direct impact and creations
  • Custom created road map to creating a circle for your organization or
    community group, tailored to your
    specific organizational needs
  • One-on-one coaching and training for
    organization leaders
  • Customized plan and action steps with “Joy Talks” on the following topics:
    • What is a Philanthropist?
    • Community Knows what Community needs
    • Why do the Ts matter?
    • Staying connected in the circle?
    • Custom written 90-day plan for creating a circle