My Ministry

Connecting the community to the work and mission of the organization is a common challenge for non-profit organizations. Many charities find that their programs are underutilized as they often lack the ability to spread the word about their services. I show non-profits a different approach to engage the community, spread awareness and reach more constituents. Giving circles are a collective giving model that helps to connect the community to the work of the organization. In addition to giving circles, I work with affinity groups who embody shared values and principles, including, but not limited to, sororities and fraternities, alumni associations, and employee giving programs to help them pool their resources for the betterment of nonprofits of their choice.

I offer several packages to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. In order to build a giving circle that is not only robust and effective but sustainable, you will need a roadmap to guide you. This is where I come in. I offer a variety of packages that will help you get started in the collective giving model, leveraging the motivation of the community members whose mission it is to strategically and intentionally funnel their resources into causes they support. I can help your organization set up a giving circle in order to push your mission out to the community or connect you to existing giving circles who will create campaign-aligned giving plans to fund specific parts of your organization’s mission.

Collective giving models are fairly well-known in some circles and not as well-known in others. I am a subject matter experts in the formation and management of giving circles, and provide one-on-one instruction, training and talks. Here are a few places I have been and where you can find me.